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Add and Subtract within 10 - Mental Math Games

addition and subtraction up to 10 - plus one and minus one

Plus 1 and Minus 1

The snail is excited to see how well you add and subtract 1 of a 1-digit number. For every correct answer, the snail will give you part of the hidden picture. But that's not all. There's also a little surprise for you when you're done.

addition and subtraction up to 10 - plus one and minus one

Match Questions and Answers: Help the Postman

Do you want to become a postman? It's easy, just open the game and start delivering mail if you can add and subtract numbers up to 10. How long does it take to deliver 30 envelopes? Children can play this mental math game repeatedly and become faster and faster postmen.

addition and subtraction up to 10 - color the cat

Color by Number: Cat

This fun and engaging math game will help students build their knowledge of mental addition and subtraction facts up to 10. A teacher easily monitors how well a group of students solve math problems.

addition and subtraction up to 10 - dog and stick

Bring the Stick

The dog wants to bring the stick to his owner. But only you can help it by writing the correct answer to the questions. You can check how long it takes for that task to be finished. The math game has 20 exercises that change when played again.

adding and subtracting up to 10

Math Snake

This friendly math snake will help children build their mental skills of adding and subtracting numbers up to 10. Upon completing all exercises, they get a jigsaw puzzle to solve. Children can use this math game in class or at home.

These free mental math games help students fluently add and subtract within ten. Every activity has a results tracker that shows students
how many attempts they need to answer all the questions correctly.

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