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Add and Subtract within 100 - Mental Math Games

adding and subtracting tens within 100

Coloring Adorable Baby Chickens: Tens

To color the baby chickens in the image, solve the provided addition and subtraction problems accurately. With each correct answer, a segment of the picture will be filled with color. Let's get started!

adding or subtracting up to 100 - no regrouping

Crocodile Maze: 1-Digit and 2-Digit Number Challenge (Without Regrouping)

The crocodile is lost and in need of your assistance to navigate to the water. To aid it, solve addition and subtraction problems up to 100 without regrouping. Will you accept the challenge to guide the crocodile?

The math problems will vary each time you replay the game.

plus one and minus one - add and subtract within 100

Adding and Subtracting One: Blast off to the Moon!

The rocket is set to launch for the Moon, and any child who can add or subtract one from numbers up to 100 can join us on this exciting journey.

This mental activity is designed with gamification elements to boost children's motivation to learn basic mathematical operations.

add and subtract math game within 100

Hungry Bear Adventure: 1-Digit and 2-Digit Number Challenge (With Regrouping)

The hungry bear is eager for a taste of honey but is afraid of the bees guarding it. Can you assist the bear in solving addition and subtraction problems up to 100, including regrouping, to avoid the bees and reach the honey pot?

Each time you play this mental math game, the problems will be unique and challenging.

plus ten and minus ten - add and subtract within 100

Adding and Subtracting Ten: Uncover the Hidden Picture!

Sharpen your mental math skills by adding and subtracting ten up to 100 while unraveling the concealed image in this enjoyable math game. Every time you play, the problems will be varied and unique.

Teachers can effortlessly assess students' problem-solving abilities by observing how much of the hidden picture they uncover.

add and subtract maze within 100

Add and Subtract Challenge (Without Regrouping): Fetch the Stick

The dog is eager to fetch the stick for its owner, but it needs your assistance to accomplish the task. You can aid the dog by adding or subtracting the given numbers and recording the answer. If your response is incorrect, the computer will remove it, and you will have another chance to input the correct solution.

The problems will vary each time you play the game, providing a new challenge every time.

adding and subtracting up to 100

Maths Snake (Without Regrouping)

The amiable math snake will inspire students to solve addition and subtraction problems up to 100 without regrouping. The feedback regarding their answers is prompt and encouraging.

Upon finishing the math snake challenge, students will receive a small prize as a reward for their efforts.

add and subtract up to 100 with regrouping

Alien Math (With Regrouping)

Solve 30 addition and subtraction problems to assist an alien in reaching its spaceship.

The problems are always different, providing an exciting and unique experience every time you play this mental math game.

Looking for a fun and engaging way to improve your basic addition and subtraction skills up to 100? These mental math games are just what you need! With cute images and gamification elements, these activities are not only effective but also highly entertaining.

Unlike standard drill worksheets, pupils find these games much more engaging and motivating. The interactive nature of the games keeps students engaged and eager to solve each problem, making it an excellent tool for improving their math skills.

So, whether you're a student looking for a fun way to improve your math skills or a teacher searching for a more interactive method of teaching basic addition and subtraction, these mental math games are an excellent choice!