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Add and Subtract within 100 - Mental Math Games

plus one and minus one - add and subtract within 100

Add 1 and Subtract 1

The rocket is ready to go to the Moon. Any child who can add and subtract a number one from numbers up to 100 goes with us.

This math worksheet with gaming elements has a positive impact on children's motivation to learn basic mathematical operations.

add and subtract game within 100

Add and Subtract Game (no regrouping): Bring the Stick

The dog wants to bring the stick to its owner, but it won't succeed without your help. You can help the dog by adding or subtracting the given numbers and writing down the result. If your result is incorrect, the computer will erase it, and you will get the chance to write the solution down again.

The tasks change each time you play again.

plus ten and minus ten - add and subtract within 100

Plus 10 and Minus 10

Practice adding ten and subtracting ten up to 100 while discovering the hidden picture in this fun math game. Exercises are different every time you play.

Teachers can easily monitor how well students solve the questions by checking how much of the hidden picture they have discovered.

adding or subtracting up to 100 - no regrouping

Add or Subtract a 1-Digit Number from a 2-Digit Number (no regrouping): Crocodile Maze

The crocodile cannot find its way to the water. You can help by solving all the addition and subtraction problems. Can the crocodile count on your help?

The tasks change when you play the maths game again.

adding and subtracting up to 100

Addition and Subtraction within 100 (no regrouping): Maths Snake

The friendly math snake will motivate students to solve the addition and subtraction problems up to 100 without regrouping.

The feedback about their answers is immediate. Upon completion of math snake, students get a small prize.

These fun math games are a great way to improve basic mental addition and subtraction up to 100 facts. Cute images and gaming elements make these activities very attractive.

Pupils find these games much more engaging than standard drill worksheets.