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Add and Subtract within 20 - Mental Math Games

addition and subtraction to 20 - add 1 and subtract 1

Adding and Subtracting 1 with a Cute Crocodile

Designed for young children beginning to learn numbers up to 20, this mental math game features a charming crocodile who observes their progress as they add and subtract 1. With added gaming elements, the game provides extended motivation for learning.

It can be played in both classroom and home settings, and offers varied tasks with each playthrough.

addition and subtraction up to 20

Bee's Math Maze Adventure

Bee's Math Maze Adventure is a fun way for kids to learn and practice mental addition and subtraction within 20. This engaging game combines a maze with math problems, and only correct answers will lead the player out of the maze. This incentivizes kids to correct any incorrect answers and helps reinforce their learning.

With a variety of questions in each playthrough, this game can be used multiple times for continued math practice.

adding and subtracting up to 20

Math Snake: Addition and Subtraction without Regrouping

Math Snake is a delightful way for children to learn mental addition and subtraction up to 20 without regrouping. With cute graphics and immediate feedback on their answers, kids can practice and improve their skills. If they answer incorrectly, they get another chance to try again.

The questions are not timed, allowing kids to carefully consider the missing numbers and develop their math skills at their own pace.

addition and subtraction - missing numbers

Chicken Challenge: Finding Missing Numbers

Chicken Challenge is an exciting math game featuring three sets of 16 tasks that challenge children to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences. The game also includes hidden pictures and puzzles that make learning math fun and engaging for kids.

addition and subtraction up to 20

Frog Puzzle: Mental Math Game without Regrouping

Frog Puzzle is an enjoyable mental math game that features a charming frog theme and helps children practice their addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to 20 without regrouping.

The game provides a fresh set of questions each time it is played, making it perfect for daily practice. With two sets of 15 questions, kids can keep their math skills sharp while also earning a jigsaw puzzle as a reward after each task.

add and subtract math game up to 20

Sweet Honey: Math Drill with Regrouping

Sweet Honey is a fun math drill game that features a bear who is scared of bees and needs help getting to the honey pot. Children can solve a variety of addition and subtraction problems with regrouping to guide the bear safely to the honey pot. With different math problems each time it's played, this game can be used multiple times for continued practice.

The game provides a fun and engaging way for kids to develop their math skills while helping the bear overcome his fear of bees.

Building a strong foundation of basic addition and subtraction skills is essential for young learners, but developing fluency in these operations can take time and practice. Fortunately, mental math games provide a fun and interactive way to incorporate daily practice into children's routines.

One of the great benefits of these games is that kids can play and learn independently, as they only require basic computer skills. With a variety of game options available, they can choose the ones that best fit their learning needs and skill levels.

These math games are ideal tools for classroom or home practice, offering a fun and engaging way for children to develop their math skills. Teachers and parents can also use them to reinforce lessons and monitor progress. By incorporating mental math games into their daily routines, children can develop strong addition and subtraction fluency while enjoying the learning process.