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Add and Subtract within 20 - Mental Math Games

addition and subtraction to 20 - add 1 and subtract 1

Add 1 and Subtract 1

This mental math game is suitable for kids who start learning numbers up to 20. The cute crocodile watches how well kids add and subtract number one. There are also gaming elements, so the motivation for learning lasts longer. Kids can play the game in class or at home. When you play the game again, the tasks change.

addition and subtraction up to 20

Math Maze with Bee

A maze combined with math problems is an engaging way that kids can learn and practice mental add and subtract numbers within 20. Only the correct answers will show you the way out of the maze. This motivates kids to correct any wrong answers.

Questions are never the same so you can use the math game several times.

adding and subtracting up to 20

No Regrouping Addition and Subtraction to 20: Math Snake

Encourage your child to learn mental addition and subtraction up to 20 with this cute math snake. Kids get immediate feedback about their answers. If the answer is wrong, they will get another chance. The questions have no time limit. Therefore kids can carefully think about the missing numbers.

addition and subtraction - missing numbers

Chicken Challenge: Find Missing Numbers

The math game has three sets of 16 tasks about missing numbers in addition and subtraction sentences. There are also hidden pictures and puzzles that make learning fun.

addition and subtraction up to 20

Frog Puzzle
(no regrouping)

This mental math game with a cute frog topic helps your children practice their addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to 20. You can use the game every day because the questions are different each time you play it again. The activity has two sets of 15 questions. After each task, the children get a jigsaw puzzle as a reward.

add and subtract math game up to 20

Sweet Honey: Math Drill with regrouping

A bear is scared of bees, so he doesn't dare to go near the honey pot. Solve all the addition and subtraction problems and show him a way to the honey pot.

The math drill will be different each time you reopen it.

Understanding basic addition and subtraction facts and fluency takes a lot of time. These mental math games are a fun way for daily routine practicing.

Kids can play and learn alone because they need very basic computer skills.

These math game are the perfect tools for classroom or home practice.