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Add and Subtract within 5 - Mental Math Games

addition and subtraction up to 5

Help the Bear

Solve the math problems and help the bear climb up the ladder to get the honey pot.

Each time you reopen the math game again, the tasks are changed so that students can use it to practice mental addition and subtraction up to 5 daily.

addition and subtraction within 5 - basketball shooting game

Basketball Shooting Game: Write the Answers

Solve ten addition and subtraction problems up to 5 to help the girl score a basket.

If you write down the wrong answer, it will be automatically deleted. You will be able to write the answer again.

addition and subtraction up to 5

Color by Number: Fish

This mental math game will challenge students to solve a set of problems on addition and subtraction up to 5.

It's very easy to see how well students do the task. Just look at how many parts of the fish each student has colored.

adding and subtracting up to 5

Addition and Subtraction Snake

Do you know anybody afraid of math snakes? Of course not. Math snakes are very friendly. They only wait to get missing numbers on their skin. When the snake gets all numbers, it will give you a small prize.

adding and subtracting up to 5

Match Question and Answer: Become a Postman

This mental maths game gives students the opportunity to practise adding and subtracting numbers up to 5 in a fun and engaging way.

The material contains three sets of tasks. After each task, students receive a small prize in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.

Here are fun mental math games to help students learn how to add and subtract two numbers up to 5. Students enjoy using them because
they have elements of games that make learning stimulating.

Pupils can use them in the classroom or at home.