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Addition up to 20 - Mental Math Games

addition up to 20-plus one

Add 1 to Numbers within 20

This mental math game has two sets of 20 questions. Kids have to match answers and questions in the first set. In the second set, they have to write the answer. A jigsaw puzzle is a little prize after each task.

addition up to 20 - regrouping

Shoot the Ball into the Basket: Adding up to 20 (regrouping)

The ball will go into the basket if you get all your calculations right.

If you make a mistake, you can correct it several times. Let's get started! I know you can.

addition up to 20

Car Addition to 20
(no regrouping)

In this math game, kids add a one-digit and a two-digit number without regrouping. Feedback for correct and incorrect answers is immediate. Each correct answer reveals a piece of a hidden car which has a positive effect on motivation too.

addition up to 20

Color by Sums: Turtle

In this math game, students drag the correct answer to the question. Then a part of the turtle will be colored. Teachers can easily see how well and how quickly students are solving addition problems up to 10.

addition up to 20

Lost Ducklings: Add Two Numbers
(no regrouping)

Young learners can help the lost ducklings find the mother duck by writing the correct answer. Any incorrect answer is automatically deleted and learners can try again. Teachers or parents can easily monitor progress on solving tasks.

Missing Number Addition Within 20

Missing Numbers

The mental math game includes three groups of 12 tasks. Kids have to find one of the missing addends. Each correct answer reveals a piece of hidden pictures of cute bees.

addition up to 20 - dog and stick

Addition Two Numbers

The dog wants to bring the stick to the man. If kids write the correct answer, the dog will move one step further. The wrong answer is deleted and students get the chance to write it again. The tasks in the game change each time you reopen it.

The most valuable thing about these mental math games about addition to 20 is the immediate information about the answers.
If students write the wrong answer, they have the opportunity to correct it. Feedback is an essential part of effective learning about addition up to 20.

Pupils can use mental math games in the classroom or at home.