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Addition up to 20 - Mental Math Games

addition up to 20-plus one

Adding 1 to Numbers up to 20

This fun math game consists of two sets of 20 questions each. In the first set, children are tasked with matching the correct answers to their corresponding questions. In the second set, they must write out the answers themselves.

As a reward for completing each task, a jigsaw puzzle is provided.

addition up to 20 - regrouping

Basketball Math: Adding with Regrouping up to 20

In this fun math game, you can shoot the ball into the basket by solving addition problems with regrouping up to 20. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you will have several opportunities to correct it and keep playing.

Get ready to challenge yourself and improve your math skills. Let's start playing and see how many baskets you can score!

addition up to 20

Adding Up to 20 without Regrouping: Car Math Game

This engaging mental math game is designed to help children practice adding one-digit and two-digit numbers without regrouping, up to a sum of 20. With immediate feedback for both correct and incorrect answers, children can track their progress and learn from their mistakes.

As a bonus, every correct answer reveals a piece of a hidden car, providing additional motivation to keep playing and improving their math skills.

addition up to 20

Turtle Math: Color by Sums with Regrouping

A fun mental math game where students solve addition problems with regrouping up to 20 by dragging and dropping the correct answer. As students answer correctly, a turtle picture is colored.

Teachers can easily track student progress.

addition up to 20

Lost Ducklings: Adding Two Numbers (No Regrouping)

In this fun and educational math game, young learners can practice adding two numbers without regrouping while helping lost ducklings find their mother.

If an answer is incorrect, it is automatically deleted, and the student can try again. Parents and teachers can easily track students' progress in solving the tasks.

Let's join the ducklings on their journey and enhance our math skills!

Missing Number Addition Within 20

Find the Missing Number

Buzz into fun mental math with this engaging game! Designed with three groups of 12 tasks, young learners are challenged to find the missing addend. Each correct answer reveals a piece of a hidden picture featuring adorable bees. With immediate feedback and a motivating reward system, kids can strengthen their math skills while having fun.

Let's get buzzing and find those missing numbers!

addition up to 20 - dog and stick

Adding Two Numbers (Regrouping)

Get ready to play with an adorable dog in this engaging math game! As students solve addition problems with regrouping up to 20, they help the dog bring a stick to his owner. With randomized tasks that change each time the game is opened, kids can enhance their math skills and have fun at the same time.

Let's join the playful dog and improve our addition abilities up to 20!

One of the greatest benefits of these mental math games for addition up to 20 is the immediate feedback provided for answers.

If students input an incorrect response, they can try again and learn from their mistake. This feedback is a crucial aspect of effective learning.

Whether used in the classroom or at home, these games offer versatility and provide a fun and engaging way for pupils to enhance their addition skills up to 20.