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Addition up to 5 - Mental Math Games

adding with pictures to 5

Picture Addition – Sums up to 5

Kids can practice mental addition to 5 with cute pictures of birds. This activity also includes a puzzle game as a reward for kids.

adding with pictures to 5

Addition Sentences

Kids have to solve 15 addition sentences and three puzzle games. Teachers or parents can monitor children's performance in solving tasks.

adding to 5 - match

Mouse Math: Match Answers and Questions

Tasks about adding up to 5 are much more interesting when cute mice are hiding behind calculations.

adding to 5 - write the answer

Hidden Pictures: Write the Answer

The activity includes two sets of 9 problems and two puzzle games. Kids have to write sums. All wrong sums are deleted and kids get the opportunity to write them again.

adding to 5 - match answers and questions

Addition Game: Color the Duck

This mental math game with a cute duck will help your kindergarten, and 1st-grade classroom or home school students master their basic math skills. They have to solve 15 addition questions to color the duck.

adding to 5 - match

Hungry Caterpillars: Add 2 or 3 Numbers

Caterpillars are hungry but also very picky. Students must feed them with the correct leaves. The math game includes adding two or three numbers within 5.

additon to 5 - help the bunny

Add Two Numbers and Help the Bunny

The mental math game has 10 problems. When students write the correct answer, the bunny is one step closer to the carrot.

The best way to improve mental skill addition to 5 is to practice it. Use these cute mental math games and math worksheets.
Your kid will solve the addition problems and have fun at the same time.

The mental math games can students used in school or at home.