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Addition up to 5 - Mental Math Games

adding with pictures to 5

Picture Addition – Sums up to 5

Practice mental addition with cute bird pictures and puzzles. Help your child build their addition skills with this engaging game.

Children will love the cute bird pictures, and parents will love that their child is developing important math skills.

adding with pictures to 5

Addition Sentences

This game is a great way to reinforce addition skills with 15 fun and engaging sentences.

With the addition of puzzles, this game will keep your child entertained while they practice important math concepts.

adding to 5 - match

Mouse Math: Match Answers and Questions

Kids will love solving addition problems with the help of cute and friendly mice.

This game is perfect for developing mental addition skills in a fun and engaging way.

adding to 5 - write the answer

Hidden Pictures: Write the Answer

Solve two sets of 9 addition problems and unlock puzzle games.

This game is designed to help kids improve their addition skills by writing sums of two numbers. All incorrect answers are deleted, providing a great opportunity for kids to improve their skills.

adding to 5 - match answers and questions

Addition Game: Color the Duck

Color the cute duck by solving 15 addition questions. Kids will love this fun and engaging addition game

With the added bonus of coloring the cute duck, this game is sure to keep your child entertained while they practice important math skills.

adding to 5 - match

Hungry Caterpillars: Add 2 or 3 Numbers

These hungry caterpillars are on the hunt for the perfect leaves, but they're also extremely picky! In this fun mental math game, students will help the caterpillars find their favorite snacks by adding up two or three numbers within 5.

With each correct answer, they'll move closer to satisfying the caterpillars' cravings and earning rewards along the way.

additon to 5 - help the bunny

Add Two Numbers and Help the Bunny

Help the bunny reach the carrot by solving 10 addition problems.

This game is designed to make math practice fun and rewarding. With each correct answer, the bunny gets closer to its goal, motivating kids to keep practicing their addition skills.

Are you looking for an exciting and effective way to practice basic addition skills? Look no further than our collection of fun and free math worksheets and mental math games!

With engaging activities featuring cute animals, puzzles, and more, kids will love learning and mastering addition to 5.

Whether you're a teacher or a parent, these resources are perfect for helping young learners build confidence and proficiency in mental math. Try them out today and watch their skills soar!