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Multiplication Tables (mixed practice) - Mental Math Games

Mental math games provide a combination of multiplication table problems, with each game consisting of two sets of 18 questions that refresh every time the game is reopened. In addition, gaming elements like hidden pictures and jigsaw puzzles are included to boost motivation and make learning more engaging.

As students work through the problems, they receive instant feedback and the opportunity to correct any mistakes they make. At the end of each game, a summary of the results for each task is displayed for both teachers and students to review.

Students can develop a solid understanding of multiplication tables through interactive games, resulting in a fun and engaging experience while mastering mixed multiplication tables practice. These games can be played in the classroom or at home, making them a versatile and accessible tool for learning.

Research, such as Godfrey's study in 2001, has shown that computer-based practice of times tables is more effective compared to traditional pencil and paper practice. This may be because students are more motivated when using technology as a learning tool.

Playing these mental math games requires only basic computer skills, making them accessible to a wide range of students.

These fun and engaging multiplication games provide an enjoyable way for students to practice and memorize their times tables. By incorporating gaming elements, students are encouraged to participate actively and willingly, making learning more enjoyable.