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Multiplication Tables (mixed practice) - Mental Math Games

Mental math games include a mixture of multiplication table problems. Each one has two groups of 18 questions which change when the game is reopened. There are also gaming elements, such as hidden pictures and jigsaw puzzles, which have a positive effect on motivation.

While solving the problems, students get immediate feedback and the opportunity to correct their wrong answers. At the end of the game, teachers and students can see a summary of the results for each task.

Learning timetables can be fun and interesting for students if they build their knowledge with these interactive multiplication games.

Students can play these games in the classroom or at home.

Studies comparing computer-based practice of times tables with pencil and paper practice (e.g. Godfrey, 2001)
suggest that computer-based practice is more effective, perhaps because students are more motivated.

Students need only basic computer skills to play these mental math games.

Let them practice with these fun and engaging multiplication games that will make the skill of memorizing them something students like to do.