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Subtraction up to 10 - Mental Math Games

subtraction up to 10 - minus one

Minus One

This mental math game has two sets of 20 subtraction problems up to 10. Hidden pictures and jigsaw puzzles make learning math fun and enjoyable.

subtraction up to 10 - bring the stick

Write the Difference and Help the Dog

This math game helps children practice mental subtraction to ten. Each correct answer moves the dog with the stick closer to the owner. By simply observing the dog's position, the teacher can see how well each pupil in the class is solving problems. The tasks change each time the game is reopened.

subtraction up to 10 - color the fox

Subtract Numbers up to 10 and Color the Fox

Children have to solve subtraction problems up to 10 to see what is in the picture. Only the correct answers will reveal the secret. This math game helps children to improve their mental subtraction skills gradually.

These mental math games are a great way for learning basic mental subtraction facts to 10.

They allow parents and their kids to have fun together while learning subtraction. Kids can also play games alone because they are easy to master.