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Subtraction up to 100 - Mental Math Games

subtraction tens

Subtracting Tens

The interactive math game contains four sets of tasks with 15 questions. Each time you play the game again, the questions change. Improve your mental math skills at subtraction tens here together with a cute giraffe. You can play this game in class but also at home.

subtraction with 100 - basketaball math

Subtraction within 100 (regrouping): Basketball Math

Let's play basketball math and improve your subtraction skill. You have to solve 10 tasks if you want to throw the ball into the basket.

Every time you play the math game, the tasks will be different.

subtraction multiples of 10 from 2-digit number

Subtract Multiples of 10 from 2-Digit Numbers

Help the cat find its way to the milk bowl by writing down the correct answers. If your answer is wrong, you will get another chance. This maths game has 30 subtraction problems.

subtraction up to 100 - missing subtrahend

Missing Subtrahends

The math activity contains two sets of 16 questions about missing subtrahends up to 100.There are also gaming elements that make learning with this activity fun. Use this game regularly to improve your math skills. Each time you play, you will get different questions. At the end of the game, you get a summary of the points you've scored.

subtraction up to 100 - missing minuend

Subtracting a 1-Digit from a 2-Digit Number
(no regrouping)

The dog watches how well you can subtract a 1-digit from a 2-digit number. For every correct answer, you will get a part of the hidden picture. If your answer is wrong, you will get another chance of course.

subtraction up to 100 - missing minuend

Missing Minuends

The dog watches the numbers but the minuends are still missing. It has no clue where to find them. Can you help the dog and write all the missing numbers? The dog will be very grateful. Every time you play the math game, the missing numbers will be different.

subtraction 1-digit from 2-digit number

Subtracting a 1-Digit from a 2-Digit Number

All the things in the picture are grey and boring. Remove the greyness by solving subtraction problems up to 100 and discovering the colors behind them. This math game is good for daily skill review or homework. You can use it several times because the exercises are never the same.

These interactive worksheets about mental subtraction to 100 offer students immediate feedback about their answers. If the answer is incorrect, a computer will
delete it, and students will be able to rewrite it. Upon completion of all exercises, they receive a little prize like a jigsaw puzzle.