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Subtraction up to 5 - Mental Math Games

Reveal the Picture - subtraction up to 5

Reveal the Picture

This math game helps young learners build subtraction fact fluency in a fun and engaging way. The feedback is instant, which is very important for learning. Teachers can see a summary of how well all the tasks in the activity kids completed.

subtraction up to 5

Write the Answer and Help the Bunny

This interactive exercise will motivate children to solve subtraction problems up to 5 because they want to help the bunny reach his carrot. Parents or teachers can easily monitor progress.

subtraction up to 5

Subtract Two Numbers up to 5 and Color the Bird

Children can practice basic subtraction with this math worksheet which has a gaming element – coloring a bird. Each correct answer colors a part of the bird. Incorrect answers are automatically deleted and children can try again.

subtraction within 5

Color the Balloons

This math worksheet has three sets of 9 subtraction problems up to 5. After each task, students receive a puzzle game.

Learning basic math subtraction facts up to 5 with online math games and activities can become a fun drill routine.

Kids need a lot of exercises to improve mental math fluency.