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Addition up to 10 - Mental Math Games

additon up to 10- plus one

Add Number One

This interactive worksheet helps children practice how to add 1 to numbers from 0 to 9. Each correct answer reveals a piece of a hidden picture that affects motivation positively.

additon up to 10- match

Hidden Cats: Match Answers and Questions

Drag the correct answer to the questions and find out what the hidden cats look like. The interactive worksheet includes two sets of 20 questions. Children only need to have basic computer mouse skills to use this activity.

additon up to 10

Write the Sums and Help the Bunny

The children have to solve ten tasks correctly to help the bunny get to the carrot. The bunny moves one step only when the kids write the correct answer. The tasks change every time you open the activity.

additon up to 10- write

Hidden Cars: Write the Answer

This fun online mental math game will help children build knowledge of addition facts to 10. Kids have to write the correct answer. Each wrong answer is deleted automatically and kids can write a new answer. This activity is very suitable for young learners because only very basic computer skill is needed.

adding up to 10 - Color the Horse

Color by Sums: Horse

Wondering what this horse looks like in colors? You have to solve 22 addition problems and you'll find out.

adding up to 10 - Hungry Caterpillars

Hungry Caterpillars: Add Three Numbers

This interactive worksheet helps learners to practice adding three numbers. For each hungry caterpillar, there is a number that tells the students what kind of leaves the caterpillars are eating. Feedback on the number of correct and incorrect answers is available at all times to students, teachers, and parents.

additon up to 10- write

Help the Ducklings Find the Mother Duck: Add Two Numbers

Students have to write answers to help the little ducklings find their mother duck. This interactive worksheet is useful in the classroom and at home. It's very easy for teachers or parents to monitor how well children add up to ten.

additon up to 10 - missing numbers

Basketball Math: Find the Missing Numbers

Let's help the girl throw the ball into the basket. You have to find the missing numbers in the addition problems and write them down. If you make a mistake, the solution will disappear, and you will be able to solve the problem again. Will you manage to score?

The tasks change when you play the game again.

Mental math games help kids to master addition up to 10. Access to all games and activities is free (no registration is needed).

Gaming elements have a positive impact on kids' motivation, so they insist longer on learning than using paper worksheets.

Kids have immediate feedback if their answer is wrong. They get the opportunity to correct each wrong answer.