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Addition up to 100 - Mental Math Games

addition tens up to 100

Add Two Multiples of 10

This mantal math game has three groups of 15 tasks about adding tens. Students have to find a sum or a missing addend. There is also a hidden picture behind the questions. Only correct answers reveal it.

Add Multiple of 10 to a 2-Digit Number

Add Multiple of 10 and a 2-Digit Number

The beaver will help the learner gradually build their mental addition skills because it hides behind the questions. To see what a beaver looks like, students need to write the sums correctly.

addition up to 100 - Adding One

Add a 2-Digit Number and 1

This mental math game will help children build their knowledge of adding up to 100. In the first set of tasks, children have to match the answer and the question. In the second set, they write the answer. At the end of each task, there is a jigsaw puzzle as a reward.

Add a 1-Digit Number to a 2-Digit Number(no regrouping)

Add a 1-Digit Number and a 2-Digit Number
(no regrouping)

Difficulties with adding 1-digit and 2-digit numbers can be easily overcome if students practice the concept in a fun and engaging way. This mental math game can be used in a classroom or at home.

Adding to the next 10

Space Math: Adding to the next 10

Your students will have fun while learning addition with this space math game.

They have to solve 30 addition tasks to help the alien into the spaceship. The sums are between 10 and 100.

additon up to 100- write

Help the Baby Ducks: Add Two Numbers up to 100 (regrouping)

The ducklings want to find a way to their mother. Students can help them by writing the correct answers to the questions. It's very easy for teachers to see how well all students are doing on the tasks.

Add 10 to a 2-Digit Number

Add 10 and a 2-Digit Number

Do you want the dog to fetch the stick? It's simple. You only need to write the correct answer. If the answer is wrong, the dog does not move. In the end, you can see how many minutes it took you to complete the task.

Each of these online exercises, in addition to 100 has a gaming element.

In most of the math games, there is a hidden picture, which students can uncover by writing the correct answers. After each solved task, students receive a solving puzzle prize.

If the answer is not correct, pupils get immediate feedback.