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Addition up to 100 - Mental Math Games

addition tens up to 100

Adding Tens

This mental math game consists of three sets of 15 tasks that focus on adding multiples of 10. Students are required to calculate the sum or find the missing addend.

Each set also features a hidden picture behind the questions, which can only be revealed with correct answers.

Add Multiple of 10 to a 2-Digit Number

Mental Addition Practice with Two-Digit Numbers and Multiples of 10

This practice exercise uses a beaver-themed approach to help learners develop their mental addition skills. The beaver is hidden behind the questions, and students must write the correct sums in order to reveal what it looks like.

The exercise focuses on adding multiples of 10 to two-digit numbers.

addition up to 100 - Adding One

Adding 1 to Two-Digit Numbers

This mental math game is designed to help children improve their addition skills up to 100. The game consists of two sets of tasks: in the first set, children must match the questions and answers, while in the second set, they write the answers themselves.

Upon completion of each task, children are rewarded with a jigsaw puzzle.

Add a 1-Digit Number to a 2-Digit Number(no regrouping)

Adding 1-Digit and 2-Digit Numbers Without Regrouping

Overcoming difficulties with adding 1-digit and 2-digit numbers can be made easy and enjoyable through practice with this mental math game.

It is suitable for use in classrooms or at home and focuses on addition without regrouping.

Adding to the next 10

Space Math Game for Adding to the Next 10

Make learning addition fun with this exciting space-themed math game. Students are challenged to solve 30 addition tasks that help an alien make it into a spaceship. The sums range from 10 to 100 and focus on adding to the next 10.

This game is an excellent educational resource for classrooms or at-home learning.

additon up to 100- write

Adding Two Numbers up to 100 with Regrouping: Help the Baby Ducks

This educational resource helps students practice adding two numbers up to 100 with regrouping. In this engaging exercise, students must help baby ducks find their way to their mother by writing the correct answers to the questions. Teachers can easily monitor their students' progress and understanding of the concept.

This resource is suitable for use in classrooms or for at-home learning.

Add 10 to a 2-Digit Number

Adding 10 and a 2-Digit Number

This engaging mental math game focuses on adding 10 to a 2-digit number. The objective is to help a dog fetch a stick by writing the correct answer. If the answer is incorrect, the dog will not move. At the end of the game, students can see how long it took them to complete the task.

This resource is suitable for use in classrooms or at home.

These free interactive online activities for adding up to 100 feature engaging gaming elements that make learning enjoyable. In most of the math games, there is a hidden picture that students can uncover by writing the correct answers to the addition problems.

Each solved task is rewarded with a puzzle prize, encouraging students to keep practicing and improving their skills. Immediate feedback is provided if the answer is incorrect, allowing students to quickly identify and correct their mistakes. These resources are ideal for use in classrooms or for at-home learning.