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Subtraction up to 20 - Mental Math Games

subtraction up to 20 - minus one

Space Math: Subtracting 1 within 20

Engage your students in a fun space-themed math game that helps develop their number sense up to 20. This educational material features two sets of 20 questions and two puzzles to make learning even more exciting.

subtraction up to 20 mosaic

Mosaic Math: Subtraction with Regrouping up to 20

Give your students a chance to practice mental subtraction with two numbers up to 20 through this exciting math game. The game involves matching answers with questions in the first part and writing the answers in the second part.

.As a reward for their hard work, a small prize awaits the students at the end.

subtraction up to 20 - crocodile maze

Crocodile Maze: Single Digit Subtraction without Regrouping

Challenge your subtraction skills with this fun and interactive Crocodile Maze game. Solve all the single digit subtraction problems up to 20 correctly to guide the crocodile to the water. If any answers are incorrect, you will have multiple chances to correct them.

Test your subtraction skills and have fun at the same time with this exciting game.

subtraction up to 20 - color the tractor

Colorful Tractor Math: Subtraction with Regrouping up to 20

Practice subtracting two numbers up to 20 with regrouping while coloring a tractor in this fun and engaging math activity. Solve the subtraction questions and drag the answers to the correct places to add color to the tractor.

This activity provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to assess their students' subtraction skills by checking how much of the tractor each student has colored. Enjoy practicing subtraction while creating a colorful masterpiece with this interactive activity.

subtraction up to 20 - missing number

Subtraction Sentences: Fill in the Missing Numbers with Regrouping up to 20

Join the fish in the water and find the missing numbers in subtraction sentences up to 20 in this engaging math game. You will have to solve three sets of 12 problems that will change every time you reopen the game.

Sharpen your subtraction skills and improve your accuracy by filling in the missing numbers with regrouping. Have fun while learning with this interactive math game.

An fun and interactive mental math game for subtraction can provide an engaging and enjoyable way for students to practice their math skills. By incorporating gaming elements, these activities can increase students' motivation and encourage them to persist in their learning for longer periods of time.

These games are perfect for use in the classroom or at home and can help students develop strong mental math skills through fun and interactive gameplay. Students can improve their subtraction abilities while having fun, leading to a positive attitude towards math and learning.