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Subtraction up to 20 - Mental Math Games

subtraction up to 20 - minus one

Subtract 1 within 20: Space Math

This math game with a space topic will help your students build number sense to 20 in a fun way. The material contains two sets of 20 questions, plus two puzzles to make learning more engaging.

subtraction up to 20 mosaic

Subtraction Number Sentences to 20 - Mosaic (regrouping)

This math worksheet allows your students to practice mental subtraction two numbers up to 20. First, they have to match the answers and the number of the sentences. In the second part, they have to write the answer. In the end, there is a small prize for the students.

subtraction up to 20 - crocodile maze

Single Digit Subtraction (no regrouping): Crocodile Maze

Can you solve all subtraction problems within 20 correctly? Only correct answers will show the crocodile the way to the water.

If any of your answers are wrong, you can correct them several times.

subtraction up to 20 - color the tractor

Subtract Two Numbers to 20 and Color the Tractor

Do you want to color the tractor? It’s easy! Solve the subtraction questions, drag the answers to the correct places, and the tractor will soon become colored. When the teacher wants to know how well the pupils subtract, all he/she has to do is check how much of the tractor each pupil has colored.

subtraction up to 20 - missing number

Write Missing Numbers in Subtraction Sentences (regrouping)

Missing numbers up to 20 swim in the water with fish. Can you find them all? You have to solve three sets of 12 problems, which are changed when the math game is reopened.

Interactive math subtraction worksheets have gaming elements that make learning fun and increase students’ motivation to insist on learning for longer.

These activities are the perfect tools for classroom or home practice.